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Dogs That we have trained

Jerod just wanted to let you know how good Thunder did this weekend between Sat. & Sun. he retrieved around 30 or so Blue Wing teals. Hehad  no problem with the 3" magnums either didn't even flinch. Retrieving in rice fields is not easy but he found them despite being so excited. I was very happy with his performance thank you.  - Alfonso

Duck dog teal hunting
chocolate lab  fl

Hey just wanted to let you know Triggers first hunt of the year went very well.  Because of having to hunt public land we camped in the boat for several hours to hold a spot. His obedience has deffinitely shown he stayed when told to sit and didn't pace the boat like he used to. Also after building the blind and setting his dog stand he walked at heel all the way to the blind and jumped on his dog stand without having to be told so. He retrieved 10 teal 4 of which were blind retrieves where he obeyed hand signals very well. Thanks for all you have done hoping I can get out and train with you during the break!   - Clay

Lacie has always had drive; it was evident from the first weeks after I picked her up. I
trained her with the basics and was able to increase her drive, make her love retrieving
ducks, and have a love for the water. Unfortunately, she was not obedient at all and
nothing I did seemed to work. It would kill me to go hunting and have to leave her
behind for fear of her ruining the hunt. Some mornings I would just bite the bullet and
bring her along and it was everything I could do to keep her in the boat. I spent all of my
time bear hugging her until a few birds would come in. When they dropped, she wouldn’t
see them and I would have to walk her to the bird for her to see it. Some hunts I wasn’t
even able to bring a gun. She picked up 26 birds that season. I worked long hours with
her over the off-season but my patience grew thin. I found Jerod on Facebook and
immediately gave him a call to discuss the situation I was in. He assured me he could
work with her and get her tuned up for the coming season. He told me that dogs like her
are the ones that turn out the best once properly trained. I knew she had tremendous
potential and that she was worth the investment, so I sent her off to Jerod 2 months before the season hoping she would be ready to go. In only 2 months she was fully obedient, force fetched, and looking out into the field. She absolutely killed it this year. Rarely do I have to get out of my chair on retrieves anymore. She has put it all together and I have been able to take her on every hunt. Watching her run down cripples is one on my favorite things. Lacie has picked up 177 ducks this year and counting. She has become a great dog and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. Couldn’t have done it without Jerod and Doyle’s Farm Kennels. I recommend him to anyone who wants to get more out of their dog. - Colson

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